EP150: 6"    336 cfm
EP400: 16"  4078 cfm
EP600: 24"  7221 cfm
EP900: 36"  16990 cfm

The Eco Power utilizes an electronic commutating (EC) motor installed in the head of the ventilator to enable motorized boost during  perios of low wind speed or special ventilation needs.  The motor can be activated by any digital measure, humidity, gas concentration level, etc.  The standard product is controlled manually by a switch (not included).  Unlike previous attempts to produce a hybrid mechanical / wind vent, ecopower has no motor and fan blade in the throat of the vent.  This is extremely important! Research using AS4740:2000 (performance of natural ventilators) has shown clearly that any obstruction in the throat of a wind driven ventilator will greatly decrease vent performance under wind load.  The level of flow reduction can be 40% or greater.  Also, axial fans located in the throat of wind vents can produce significant noise levels.

Weaver Air Products
Weaver Air Products


H150:  6"   Information to come
H300: 12"  1314 cfm @ 10 mph wind
H600: 24"  3009 cfm @ 10 mph wind
H900: 36"  7331 cfm @ 10 mph wind

How Can Ventilation Be Free?
Are you aware of the hidden costs of exhaust fans?  The immediate reaction by facility owners to improve ventilation is to add some exhaust fans.  Exhaust fans will move air to be sure, but when you stop to think about the cost of exhaust fans is it really an effective approach?  First you have the fan equipment cost, then you have the structural modification costs to handle the heavy weight of the fan, then you have the motor starter costs, electrical operating costs and finally you have frequent maintenance costs.

What if we told you that you could ventilate your plant for free?

It's true! Most buildings are creating a natural gravity effect where the hot air is rising from the floor to the roof creating a positive pressure at the upper levels and negative pressure at the lower levels.  Gravity or stack effect is caused by convection (hot air rises), the temperature difference from inside the building as compared to outside the building and the height of the building.  If the correct gravity opening is installed at the roof, the positive pressure caused by the stack effect will enable the heat to leave the building.  As the heat leaves the building through the roof opening, the air at the floor will be displaced by the cooler air entering the building from lower levels.

Eco Power is one large direct drive centrifical fan. The bearing system of the motor becomes the bearing system of the ventilator. This means that the vent can be free spinning under wind load or power activated as conditions require. The use of an EC motor ensures that the best energy efficiency features available are factored into the product design.

Weaver Air Products
Pictured above: Eco Power fans use in conjunction
with Stealth model HVLS fans.
Weaver Air Products

Why pay for ventilation when Mother Nature will do the work for you?

A properly designed gravity opening will provide ventilation due to stack effect, but by harnessing the wind, ventilation can be improved by 600% or more!  Antiquated "doghouse" style gravity openings are susceptible to wind direction and can actuallycause downdraft shutting off exhaust ventilation.  With the Hurrican wind driven turbine ventilator, the wind strikes the verical vanes causing the head to rotate.  The rotating action generates a powerful area of low pressure causing additional air to be exhausted from the building.

Why should you consider a Hurricane Turbine Ventilator?

  • Eliminates wiring & electrical costs
  • Weighs 63 lbs. vs. 400 lbs
  • Very quiet and gives visual proof of operation
  • Made of aluminum for long life
  • Largest of its type for maximum airflow
  • High quality construction for long life
  • Vari-pitch Flue section fits any roof pitch
  • No water penetration or structural damage up to 123 MPH
  • 15 year warranty compared to 1 year from competitive models