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Weaver Air Products, LLC: Mission Statement:

Weaver Air Products, LLC exists to offer its manufacturer partners high quality, experienced representation and pre-existing customer base.  The Company will provide practical experience, technical expertise, and the work ethic required to grow the product lines of its vendor partners in a professional and successful manner.

 Welcome to Weaver Air!   

Suppliers of:
Ceiling Paddle Fans
HVLS (high volume, low speed) Fans
Industrial De-stratification Fans
Commercial "lay-in" Fans
Industrial Exhaust / Turbine Fans
Air Circulators
Air Purification Products
Hi-Tech Air Filters
Electrostatic/Media Air Cleaners

Weaver Air Products, LLC
1033 3rd Ave. SW, Suite 212
Carmel, IN  46032
(317) 848-4420 PHONE/FAX


"AXIOM" fan features an all new EC motor for virtually silent and energy efficient operation.  The new 2018 models ( 7', 8', 9', and 10' diameter) are available in 6 standard blade colors and includes a dimmable LED light...all in one, easy to transport carton.  Custom colors are also available.

Altra-Air SailFin product line features a new concept blade for use in warehouse, agriculture, and production facilities.

VES Enviro: The versatile High Velocity "Blast" poly housing fan for industrial, warehouse, and agriculture air re-circulation and cooling.

The Cyclone with adjustible airfoil defectors can be positioned to efficiently cool employees, machinery or livestock.

Glasfloss filters: with polyester media feature improved MERV8 performance on the Z-Line filter!


Air Quality Engineering- Smokemaster X-11Q
.  Electrostatic RECESSED air cleaner for bar, funeral homes, restaurants, breakrooms and bowling alleys.

Weaver Air Products, LLC offers a complete line of pedestal, floor drum, and wall circulators.  Industrial and heavy duty commercial models available.
Weaver Air Products: BB-660-Bamboo
The classic L-660 fan is now available with high quality durable 3M blade wraps.  Custom wrap designs available upon request. 

Weaver Air Products: BY-660-Yellow
The classic L-660 is now available with high quality durable 3M blade wraps.  Custom wrap designs available upon request.

Weaver Air Products: C-656-CH
Now introducing a new 56" fan model; the new C-656-CH is a chrome/polished silver fan ideal for retail shops, bowling alleys, schools, restaurants, hotels and more!

Casablanca Fan Company: 60" & 72" Duluth

The Casablanca Duluth is available in BOTH 60" and 72" diameters, white or galvanized finishes!   This industrial fan design is ideal in modern homes, garages, retail stores, schools, work shops, and restaurants.

Envira-North:  This NEW model Alite 3 is the 3 blade version of the original Altra Air fan; ideal for use in a variety of applications such as airplane hangers, warehouses, auto dealers and much more. Available in 15' and 23' sizes!


Air-Row Fan Company: Model LA-248 "Lay-In" de-stratification and re-circulation ceiling fan for T-bar grid false ceilings.

Air-Row Fan Company: Model F-18 is available in a "QUAD" configuration to quadruple de-stratification capability.

Air-Row Fan Company: New model AF22 is seen here with a multi-position bracket for "targeted" air flow at various angles.

Air-Row Fan Company's: F18-R industrial de-stratification fans designed to provided targeted air flow in warehouse, grocery, and retail applications.  

Air-Max Circulators come in 3 sizes and may be mounted on the ceiling, wall, pedestal stands, portable strollers or extension arms for dock door use.


C-656-BL, C-656-B : Air-Row Fan Company's 56" Black, Brown heavy duty commercial ceiling fans for industrial warehouse applications. BLACK MODELS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN 36" AND 48" DIAMETER! 

Weaver Air Products, LLC
now has a complete line of 36", 48", 56" and 60" commercial / industrial / agricultural ceiling fans including pull chain and 240v, 277v models.  THEY ARE HERE: 60" INDUSTRIAL GRADE BROWN CEILING FANS!

Envira-North's Hurricane Turbine roof exhaust fan harnesses the wind to provide a low cost alternative to roof exhausters with expensive to operate electric motors.

Hunter Fan Company: Hunter Classic Original
The  Hunter Classic Original has changed little in decades, yet is so far ahead of its time, it earns the EPA's Energy Star rating

Casablanca Fan Company: 60" Stingray:

The Casablanca Stingray fan is available in white or granite, with or without a light.  The Stingray is perfect for modern homes, man-caves, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail stores, and bowling alleys.

317-848-4420 telephone/ fax

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