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Air-Row Fan Company:  For more information regarding this unique new de-stratification and cooling ceiling fan product line, please contact: 
Weaver Air Products, LLC @ 317-848-4420


LA-248: Lay-in De-Stratification Fan  

The NEW LA-248 "Lay-in" ceiling fan: Ideal for retail stores, offices spaces, schools, churches, grocery stores, vestibule area, public restrooms, medical offices, and more!

The LA-248 fan (patent pending) is a unique commercial / industrial flush mount ceiling fan designed for use in numerous applications and fits in standard 2 x 2 or  2 x 4 ceiling grid systems.  Office or retail areas with low ceilings requiring additional air circulation, cooling or heat recovery can benefit from using this cost effective, energy saving fan product.  With the use of a solid state speed control, the Alpha-One fans can destratify, cool, even help dry wet slick floors!

Stratified heat is a natural and universal condition.  The Air-Row LA-248 fan de-stratifies trapped, heated air at ceiling level and creates equalization in the temperature between ceiling and floor.  Studies have shown that in commercial / industrial style buildings, heat rises at 3/4 of a degree for each foot of vertical height.  A building with a 20'  ceiling height would be typically 15 degrees warmer at the ceiling than at the floor.  It has been proven in countless applications that for every one degree of temperature that is brought down from ceiling to floor (until equaliation) results in a conservative 1 1/2 to 2% savings in energy usage.  Air-Row fans save as much as 15 to 40% in heating costs by reducing the workload of a building's heating system to satisfy the thermostat at floor level.

For cut sheets, specifications, and performance information, call us @ 317-848-4420 or visit the Air-Row Fan website @


F-18R: The latest in de-stratification technology by Air-Row Fan Company.
For information on this new version of the popular F-18 product, call or e-mail Weaver Air products for spec pages and information.



F-18  Industrial De-Stratification Fans


The original "Air-Row" F-18 fan: Ideal for warehouses, factories, retail stores, fire stations, grocery stores; any application requiring a CONTROLLED column of air re-circulation or de-stratification.

The F-18 (pictured above) is being used as a "Dual" unit.

The totally versatile F-18 is a truly unique patent pending product!  Not only can this small de-stratification fan be installed a a single unit, but with Air-Row's dual fan bracket system, F-18s may be installed side-by-side in a heavy duty frame for TWICE the air flow!  Shown above, two "dual" units are being used in the entry hall of a popular retail store.

2- F18 units in "dual" configuration (pictured above) used in a popular "warehouse club" application.

Shown above, another "dual" application with two F18 units located over an overhead door to recover lost heat in Winter when overhead doors are frequently opened and closed.  Ceiling to floor temperatures recover equalization in only a fraction of the time without the F-18 fans.  

Two "single" F-18 fans (shown above) used in a "warehouse club" application to de-stratify air over a work station in a receiving area of the store.

The AF-22R is now available with a "TILT" bracket that allows the user to provide targeted air movement to specific locations if unable to hang the fan directly overhead. 


 The F-18 is also available in BLACK OR OTHER CUSTOM COLORS for a reasonable up-charge!

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